Get Started

1 Launch a Node

Please note that unless the blockchain is marked as Archive, the node set up on the platform will be a full node.
Go to Nodes page, click Create one Now button, and you will forward to the Launch Node page.
In the Launch Node page, you can select the chain, set the node name, choose the region of the node to be deployed, and configure the resources of the node. For the resource, you can either configure by using the Recommended Resource or the resource as you like. Finally, click the “Launch” button to complete.

2 Use the Node

After launching a node, you can use the node for different purposes. Select the node you just launched in the node list, and then click the Use the Node button. Currently, we can support the node for 2 different purpose: 1) as a dedicated API endpoint; and 2) as a validator node.
If you want to use the node for a dedicate API endpoint, please click the API tab. On this page, you can turn on the API button and use the endpoint to connect to the node. Learn more at Use the Node for API Purpose.
If you want to use the node as a validator, please click the Validator tab. On this page, you can find the validator information. Learn more at Use the Node as a Validator.

3 Supported Blockchain Networks

We are now supporting the node services on the following blockchain networks.

4 Next Steps

After you launch a blockchain node, you might want to try some of the following features: