Use Node as Dedicated API

1 Dedicated API Endpoint

Select the node you want to use as a Dedicate API, and click the Use the Node button.
Turn on the API button, and use the Dedicated API endpoint to connect with the Blockchain Network.

2 API Access Control

By default, the Dedicate API is open to everyone. However, you can grant the API access to only selected IP addresses for better security protection. As shown below, you input the IP address into the white list of the API Access, and click Add. Only 1 IP address can be added at a time, and a maximum of 30 IP addresses is allowed in total.
If you want to remove a previously added IP address from the while list, you can click the x to the right of the IP address.

3 View API Details

After finishing the settings, you can also view the usage statistic of your Dedicate API on the API Details.

4 Supported Blockchain Networks

We are now supporting using the node as Dedicated API on the following blockchain networks.