InfStones Documentation

Staking for BNB Chain

1 Overview

BNB Chain was previously known as Binance Smart Chain. Staking rewards on BNB Chain are generated from the gas fees collected from transactions in each block. Staking APR will dynamically change every day as the transactions on the BNB change continuously.
The staking information is highlighted in the table below:
Minimum Staking Amount
Rewards Distribution
Automatically distributed to the delegation address at 0:00 UTC daily. However, the 1st reward will be received on the 3rd day after your delegation.
Unbonding Period
7 days
New delegation required for compounding
A predefined amount for double signing and no block rewards for missed blocks

2 Delegation

You can use Binance Chain Wallet to perform delegation actions. Binance Chain Wallet is the official wallet released by BNB Chain Foundation. The Chrome Extension of Binance Chain Wallet can be download here.

2.1 Connect Wallet

You need to connect your wallet to start staking. Click the Connect Wallet button on the row of BNB Chain.
Select the wallet in the pop-up window. Please make sure you have installed and opened the extension wallet.
Click Connect to confirm the connection in your extension wallet.
After successfully connecting your wallet, you would be able to see your address in the upper right corner of the chain.

2.2 Delegate

After connecting your wallet successfully, you can start to delegate tokens to the InfStones Validator to earn staking rewards. Click the Delegate button as shown below.
Type the amount of tokens you want to delegate, and click Confirm to continue. For BNB Chain, you need to delegate at least 1 BNB for each delegation.
After clicking the Confirm button, you will be directed to the wallet to confirm the delegation transaction.
Once the delegate transaction gets confirmed on-chain, the amount of Delegated will get an update.

2.3 Undelegate

Click the drop-down button to the right of Delegate, then select the Undelegate button.
Type the amount of tokens you want to undelegate (note: this number has to be no more than your total staked amount), and click Confirm to continue.
After clicking the Confirm button, you will be directed to the wallet to confirm the undelegation transaction.
Once the undelegation transaction is confirmed on-chain, the amount below Delegated will get an update.
Please note that all rewards and undelegate assets will be deposited to theBNB Beacon Chain address.
You will receive your undelegate assets in about 7 days after undelegation.
To check your BNB Beacon Chain address, open your Binance Wallet , and switch the network to BNB Beacon Chain Network .

3 Rewards

Click on the BNB Chain box to view the Staking reward history of BNB Chain.
You can view the total reward amount as well as all historical reward records on the following page. Historical reward records can be filtered by selecting Start date and End date under the time range.