InfStones Documentation

Staking for Polygon

1 Overview

Polygon is a layer-2 protocol for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Polygon staking rewards are generated by the annual inflation of the Polygon (MATIC) token.
The staking information is highlighted in the table below:
Minimum Staking Amount
Rewards Distribution
Automatically accumulated to the staking address every 20 minutes. You need to claim the rewards to your wallet.
Unbonding Period
Approximately 2 days. You can unstake at anytime. However, it takes approximately 2 days for your unstaked MATIC to become available for withdraw and transfer.
New staking required for compounding.
2-5% slashing for double-signing a checkpoint.
Other Staking Requirements
Polygon staking transactions are happening on Ethereum. You need to have ETH on the staking address to cover the GAS fee.

2 How to Stake

You can use MetaMask Wallet to perform delegation actions, since the polygon staking transaction is happening on Ethereum. MetaMask Wallet's Chrome Extension can be downloaded here.

2.1 Connect Wallet

The first steps requires connecting your wallet; navigate to staking page on your InfStones dashboard, and click the Connect Wallet button on the Polygon (MATIC) row.
This will open a popup prompting you to connect to the MetaMask Wallet, click this button to continue.
Once your wallet is connected successfully, you should see your wallet address now displayed, and the stake button now active.

2.2 Select Node

Now that your wallet is connected, click the Stake button now displayed in the Polygon (MATIC) row as shown below:
This will open a new popup, showing how to continue staking in two simple steps, the first is to confirm the node on which you’re staking your token, you should see this displayed as InfStones Polygon Validator Node, confirm and click the Next button as shown below to proceed.

2.3 Enter Stake Amount

The next step is to enter the amount of MATIC tokens you wish to stake, enter preferred value (Min: 1 MATIC) and click the Next button to proceed.
Clicking Next will initiate a request on your MetaMask wallet for you to grant InfStones access. To continue the staking process, click the Confirm button as shown below:

2.4 Complete Staking

After granting InfStones access, you'll see a new popup like the one below verifying the transaction.
Confirm the stake transaction one more time on the pop-up window of your extension wallet by clicking the Confirm button.
After your stake transaction is confirmed on blockchain, you should notice that the Total Staked amount has been automatically updated.

3 Unstake

To unstake your tokens, click the dropdown menu next to the stake button, and select the Unstake option.
Next, type the amount of tokens you want to unstake and click Confirm to continue.
Confirm the unstake transaction on your MetaMask wallet as shown below.
Wait a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain. After that, you should see that your Total Staked amount has been updated.
It takes 82 checkpoints (approximately 2 days) for your unstaked MATIC to become available for withdraw.

3.1 Unstake History

You can view your unstake history to see how you previously unstaked your tokens and how much you unstaked.

4 Reward Tracking

To view your rewards, go to the Polygon Staking information page on your InfStones dashboard. This page is updated automatically to provide transparency and to help you estimate how much you have earned from staking your tokens over time.