Object NameRequiredTypeDetail
granterStringThe address of the user granting an allowance of their funds.
granteeStringThe address of the user being granted an allowance of another user's funds.
msg_type_urlStringWhen set, will query only grants matching given msg type.
pagination.keyStringThe value returned in PageResponse.next_key to begin querying the next page most efficiently. If provided, then pagination.offset is not allowed.
pagination.offsetIntegerA numeric offset that can be used when pagination.key is unavailable. It is less efficient than pagination.key. If provided, then pagination.key is not allowed.
pagination.limitIntegerThe total number of results to be returned in the result page. If left empty it will default to a value to be set by each app.
pagination.count_totalBooleanIf set to true, the result will include a count of the total number of items available for pagination. count_total is only respected when offset is used. It is ignored when key is set.


List of Authorization.



curl <your-rest-endpoint>/cosmos/authz/v1beta1/grants?granter=cosmos1wqy2s6nwnxj57l0l5rdjxxr646p3al6ymmpycg&grantee=cosmos1s76g05ezntwysza65nrgr3xkxjhzvw3pxtggvk \
  -X GET \
  -H "accept: application/json"


    "grants": [
            "authorization": {
                "@type": "/cosmos.authz.v1beta1.GenericAuthorization",
                "msg": "/"
            "expiration": "2024-02-16T08:09:29Z"
    "pagination": {
        "next_key": null,
        "total": "1"