Fast API Pricing

1 Service Plan

You can start using the API with a free service plan. Moreover, if you want to upgrade the service plan of any blockchain protocol, you can click the Change Plan button.

The Service Plan section shows your current selection as well as other options. Please note:

  • if upgrading the service plan, you can start to use the new service plan immediately and the cost of auto-scaling is also calculated based on the upgraded service plan accordingly.
  • if downgrading the plan, you can use the existing service plan till the end of this billing cycle, and the auto-scaling cost of this month is calculated based on the current service plan.

2 Request Cost

Request Cost is a measure of the total resources cost you have been using on InfStones Platform. You can think of this as how you would pay Amazon for computing usage on AWS. Some queries are lightweight and fast to run (e.g., eth_blockNumber), while others can be more intense (e.g., large eth_getLogs queries). Each method is assigned a quantity of Request Cost, derived from the global average durations of each method.

Pricing on Request Cost allows us to provide developers with the fairest and most transparent pricing possible. No more over-paying for simple requests, you only pay for what you use, period. Please check the Request Cost of different methods for different protocols as follows.