1 Find CORE API Project

Sign in to your InfStones account or create a new one. Once logged in, go to the Fast API page, select the COREprotocol API, and click on View Detail.

2 Add to Wallet

To begin the integration process, click the Add to Wallet button on this new page. Approve the authorization on your MetaMask wallet and confirm the switch to the new network.

After that, you're all set and can start interacting with the CORE network directly from your MetaMask wallet.

3 Claim CORE Airdrop

InfStones has collaborated with the CoreDAO Foundation to provide API support in preparation for their airdrop distribution.

After adding the InfStones CORE API to your Metamask, please go to the CORE website to claim your airdrop.

Select the Airdrop option on the top right side. Follow the steps then you can claim your airdrop.

4 Get the API Endpoint

Check the Endpoint field, and use the endpoint to connect with the blockchain protocol.

5 API Reference


6 Advanced Features for API Project

API Security

Choose from a variety of security settings to protect API endpoints and projects. You can prevent unauthorized access to your API and reduce the risk of cyberattacks by implementing strong security measures.

API Stats

API Stats gives you real-time insights into your API's performance and usage. API Stats provides useful information that allows you to make informed decisions about improving your API and the user experience.

API Logs

Access your API logs to gain detailed insights into your API usage patterns. With detailed logs, you can quickly identify potential issues and troubleshoot errors, reducing downtime and ensuring your API performs optimally.

7 Benefits of Using InfStones’ API

Using the InfStones CORE API has many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Privacy: We value your privacy and do not track your API or node usage.
  • Faster Transactions: With InfStones' API, you’ll enjoy faster transaction processing and more accurate gas fees.