Invite Users into Organization

For an Owner/Admin, once you are logged in to your InfStones dashboard, the context menu (top-right) will show you whether you're signed in as an organization member or an admin. To enable organizational settings, open the menu and select the Switch to Owner/Admin option, as shown below.

Selecting this option should add a new Organization menu to your dashboard.

1 Manage Users

Under the Members tab on your organization page, you can see all invited members' names, roles, email addresses, and the date they joined the organization. You can also find any member by using the provided search box.

1.1 Invite New Users

To invite new users, go over to your organization's page and click the Invite Users button, as illustrated below.

Next, you choose a role for the new user, enter their email address, and click the Add button.


Please keep in mind that you can only add unregistered email addresses.

You can choose from the following roles:

  • Admin - This type of user will have full administrative privileges and access to all data in the organization
  • Viewer - This type of user can view all data within the organization, but can only operate on their own data
  • Member - This type of user can only access their own data

1.2 Edit Role

To change a user's role, open the kebab menu in the same row as their name and select the Edit Role option, as highlighted in the image below.

Afterward, you will be prompted to choose a new role for this user; choose a preferred new role and click the Confirm button.

1.3 Remove User

To remove a member from your organization, go over to their menu and select the Remove User option, as shown below.

In the next process, you'll be prompted to transfer this user's data to another organization member. To proceed, select a preferred member to transfer the data to and click the Confirm button.

Once this process is completed, the user should be removed from your organization.


If you want to remove a user, you'll be prompted to first transfer their data to another member of the organization.

2 Manage Organization

2.1 Edit Organization Name

To change the name of your organization, go to the organization page and click the Edit button next to the current name.

Once you've chosen a name, check the box to save the changes.

2.2 Transfer Ownership


Before you can transfer ownership of your organization to a new user, the user must first be invited to join your organization.

Select a preferred user from your organization's member list and click the Transfer Ownership button, as shown below.

Once the process is completed, the new member should have complete control of the organization.

3 Organization Activities

As an organization owner/admin, you can keep track of all the activities that take place in your organization, such as which events were carried out by which members, when the events were carried out, and the specific event target.

To begin, navigate to the Activities tab on the organization page, and you should see a table listing all of your organization's activities.

You can also search through all of the activities and filter them by name or date.