Use Node as Dedicated API

1 Dedicated API Usage

After the node is fully synced, you can manage the API access control of your Dedicate API node on the Dedicated API tab.

2 API Access Control

The Dedicated API is closed to everyone if no IP address is added to the whitelist. You can grant API access to specified IP addresses, and block all the other IP addresses for security protection. As shown below, just input the IP address into the whitelist. A maximum of 30 IP addresses is allowed in total.

If you want to remove a previously added IP address from the whitelist, you can click the x to the right of the IP address.

You can also choose Open to All to remove IP address restrictions.


Open to All will make your node accessible from anywhere. Please note that it will expose your node to the potential risk of unauthorized access.

3 Supported Protocols

We are now supporting using the node as Dedicated API on the following blockchain protocols.